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Our Continued Injury Prevention Partner : Bauerfeind Sports!

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

Bauerfeind has been a trusted and valuable partner for us, and we are thus glad they will continue to extend their support for the 2022 campaign as our official injury prevention partner.

Founded close to a century ago in 1929, Bauerfeind has since become a market leader in the braces, supports, and compression products industry. Bauerfeind provides true medical-grade compression which helps enhance blood circulation to oxygenate blood flow and reduce inflammation. Consequently, this helps athletes deal with post-exercise soreness and improve their recovery times.

“We are pleased to have Bauerfeind by our side for the upcoming season,” mentions William Phang, our First Team Goalkeeping Coach. “Their products help our players cope with the rigours of training and allow us to perform at optimal levels.”

It isn’t just the first team that’s benefitting from Bauerfeind’s sponsorship with us! In fact, all Tampines Rovers fans can enjoy SGD $10 off all products (with a minimum $150 spend) when they key in the code “TRFC10” during checkout. Click here to check the store out!

We thank Bauerfeind for their continued support and we look forward to once again working closely with them to get #PRIMED for the 2022 campaign.

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