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Our Valued Partners

Together with us for the 2024 Season, our club partners support

in all aspects of the club, allowing us to perform our best on the pitch.


Main Sponsor

Bangkok Glass

A signing ceremony held on 23rd September 2023 marked the start of a three-year partnership between Tampines Rovers Football Club (“TRFC”) and BG Pathum United (“BGPU”). 

Through the partnership, both clubs seek to foster a close relationship on-and-off the field. Off the field, this will include co-branding initiatives, as well as the appointment of BGPU officials to TRFC’s management board. Football-wise, TRFC will enjoy the use of BGPU facilities for pre-season and mid-season preparations. TRFC will also be able to tap upon BGPU’s resources in relation to new football technologies, cutting-edge sports science, as well as marketing and social media/fan engagement, to name a few. It is also envisaged that there will be player movements between TRFC and BGPU and its affiliated clubs.


The club will also sport new branding moving forward, BG Tampines Rovers FC, as a sign of solidarity for this partnership.


With this partnership, BG TRFC hopes to be able to forge towards a new future for the club, as well as for Singapore football as a whole.


Sports Care Partner


As a continuation of our partnership for the 2024 season, STARBALM will continue to support our Stags with products made from 100% herbal ingredients, that can be used before, during and after sports.

We utilise STARBALM's wide selection of cold and hot therapy products on a day-to-day basis.

Tampines fans can experience the best in Sports Care with an EXCLUSIVE Fan Code : TRFC10 for 10% OFF!

Media Partner

Rookbook Sports

Founded in December 2020, Rookbook Sports is a sports management company based in Singapore, with a difference. Besides managing players and coaches, and helping them with their careers, Rookbook also helps bridge the gap between marketing and football.

We look forward to working with the sports management and marketing company for the 2024 season as our media partners!

Rookbook X Tampines Rovers.png

Nutrition Partner


As a continuation of our partnership for the 2024 season, Myprotein will continue to fuel our ambitions with premium protein products and supplements for the upcoming campaign. 

As Europe's #1 Sports Nutrition Brand, Myprotein have sponsored prominent teams like Burnley FC and Nottingham Forest. We were thrilled to join this coveted list in 2021 and look forward to growing together in 2022.

Tampines fans can use code : TRFCMP at checkout for an EXCLUSIVE Fan Discount!

Finance Partner

Black Clover

As a continuation of our partnership for the 2024 season, Black Clover is an independent global investment company that focuses on using market inefficiencies and a unique investment approach to realize profits, rather than following the conventional methods.

The Stags are proud to don their name and logo on the back of our game jerseys, and appreciate their support for the 2024 season.

Investment Partner

Construction Investment Managers

As a continuation of our partnership for the 2024 season, Construction Investment Managers Co.,Ltd. provides a robust service for all construction-based needs and requirements, and they aim to deliver “Japan Quality”

to overseas clients, they seek to exercise their engineering expertise fostered in Japan into

projects based all over the world.

The Stags are proud to don their name and logo on the left sleeve of our game jerseys, and appreciate their support for the 2024 season.

Recovery Partner

Therabody , WeAreReadySG

A new partner for the 2024 season, Therabody works with industry-leading scientific experts worldwide to ensure the efficacy and quality of all products and services which allows them to deliver clinically proven technology tailored to Our Stags' unique needs.
With dozens of validated, scientific studies supporting Therabody - whether it's to improve sleep, gain a competitive edge, or simply look and feel our best, Therabody has Our Stags' covered.

We are proud to be using Therabody products for all recovery needs. Thank you again to SG distributor WeAreReadySG for the support of our 2024 season.
Physio Circle Announcement 2024-03.png

Physiotherapy Partner

The Physio Circle

A new partner for the 2024 season, The Physio Circle will be supporting Our Stags with AHPC-certified physiotherapists for the season's fight ahead.

Backed by years of experience, our proud partners takes a person-centric approach throughout any rehab process to achieve optimal outcomes in helping Our Stags

achieve their goals.

Our Stags will be closely supported by The Physio Circle

all season long and appreciate this partnership for

the 2024 season.

Apparel Partner


A new partner for the 2024 season, we are proud to introduce Warrix as our Official Apparel Partner of
Your Tampines Rovers.

As one of the manufacturers and distributors of athlete sportswear in the Thailand market, Warrix most notably outfits the Thai National Team alongside a slew of Thai League teams with premium quality football uniforms - boasting their unique Combatec Technology, which Our Stags and Coaches will be donning throughout the 2024/2025 season together.

Thank you again to Warrix for the support in our season ahead. Welcome to Tampines!
TRFC WARRIX Announcement 2024-REVISED-03.png
TRFC Partner Announcements 2024 - DrStretch-03.png

Strength & Conditioning Partner

Dr.stretch Singapore

A new partner for the 2024 season, Dr.stretch will be supporting Our Stags with their original “Core Balance Stretch” techniques all season long. With their expertise and professional trainers, Our Stags gain an edge with long lasting improvements in range of motion and flexibility after every maintenance session.

Based on professional consultation and assessments with their trainers, Our Stags will receive curated personalized stretch plans tailored to each player's specific body needs - further assisting with inculcating daily habits that lead to alleviating problems and lifestyle changes progressively.

Our Stags will be closely supported by Dr.stretch and we greatly appreciate this partnership for the season's fight ahead!

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