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Chairman's Message

As Jurgen Klopp said recently, football is “the most important of the least important things”.


Nowadays, it has become harder to be as fanatic or as tribalistic as we once were about the beautiful game. Now more than ever, we need help and support from each other, even from rival supporters, to get through our daily lives. 


Having said that, we remain steadfastly committed to maintaining our proud traditions and to building a club that we can all continue to feel a part of.


We sincerely believe that a football club is the heartbeat of a community and in that sense, we are privileged to carry the hopes and aspirations of the Tampines Rovers community. 


Much has happened since the current MC assumed office four years ago. On the pitch, we have fully revamped the coaching and playing staff.


Off the pitch, we have had to deal with the emergence of a financial behemoth as well as the national UTR Project. These developments have posed numerous challenges for us to deal with. 


Notwithstanding, we will continue to make decisions that are in the long term sustainable interests of the club. Along the way, we will occasionally stumble but we will remain sincere and humble.


We are grateful for the indulgence and encouragement given to us by our fans who are indisputably the most knowledgeable in the league. 


It is no secret that we have assiduously assembled a squad full of the best young talents in the country. With the right coaching and motivation, our football will be in very good hands for the coming years.


We fully expect to challenge for honours on all fronts once the team develops and matures under the tutelage of Gavin and Fara et al. 


In the coming days, we would like to ask for your patience as we bed in our new players. In turn, we promise to give nothing less than our all for the club. Football is nothing without fans and you can personally make a huge difference.


Do stop to chat and share your views when we next meet in and around Our Tampines Hub.


Be safe and stay healthy. 


Desmond Ong

MC, Tampines Rovers Football Club

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Desmond OngTampines Rovers Chairman since September 2017

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