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Chairman's Message

The Only Constant Is Change

Once again I am privileged to share my thoughts with you as we embark upon another season with our beloved club. 

BG Tampines Rovers FC

Late last year, we announced our partnership with BG Pathum United FC. For all the reasons stated during the formal announcement, we believe it was the right move for our club and we have since begun to see the early fruits of our partnership. Many thanks to all who made it possible. 

One big issue that arose from the partnership was the prospect of the name change. As a custodian of the club, it is not an easy decision to change or amend its name and/or identity. 

We have seen in recent times how clubs who have changed their names wholesale have lost all connection with their legacy and their history. We were conscious not to go down the same road. 

In renaming the club “BG Tampines Rovers FC” and essentially retaining all of the old name, we hope to show deference to our past while still looking forward with enthusiasm for the coming days. Again many thanks to all who were involved in the consultation process. 

Our Technical Team

We are very pleased with our coaches and back room staff. Whilst we know of the work done by Gavin, Fara, Noh and Willy, we also want to acknowledge the work done by our COE coaches. 

Coaches Mas, Budi and Ade are the unsung heroes preparing our young players for the demands of becoming professionals and, more importantly, to play the Tampines Way. For the first time in a long time, we believe that our entire coaching team is in sync from top to bottom. 

As always, a big shout out as well to Uncle Goh, GX, Chong, Nat and Rina who do so much more than their job description. 

Our Players

Due to the meticulous planning of our coaches, we avoid the churn experienced by the other clubs at the end of a season when players come and go en masse. 

Players that join us are assiduously scouted and character is always placed ahead of any other metric. In turn we are happy to award longer contracts to players who share our vision and embody our values. 

Players are constantly reminded of the responsibility of playing for the club. They are also reminded of their duties as ambassadors of the club. We will not have it any other way. 

Our Fans

I started this message talking about change. But the one thing that never changes is the support we have received from our fans. 

From Tampines to Thailand, we constantly feel loved and supported. We hope to repay your never ending faith and to make you proud of the club. We promise to always try our very best for the club. 

And Finally…

I look forward to welcoming all of you back to OTH. As always, do come up and say hi to myself or any other member of the club. We truly appreciate the kind words and the heartfelt suggestions. More importantly, do let me know how to keep improving the club we love. 

Best wishes 

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Desmond Ong, BG Tampines Rovers Chairman since September 2017

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