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Our Continued Apparel & Equipment Partners : Ryudben Sports & Mizuno!

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

When it comes to defining eras for football teams, fans and players alike would first and foremost remember the club's kit and jersey. For the past 2 years, those very jerseys have been proudly adorned with the logo of Japanese sportswear giant Mizuno, brought by Singapore distributor Ryudben Sports.

Continuing on with our multi-year sponsorship deal since 2019, the brand has been pivotal to our on-and-off field performance, with the Stags not only donning Mizuno apparels during training and games, but also training footwear. Recently, the brand showed up on the warm-up and Match kits during our maiden AFC Champions League campaign.

“This partnership has proven to be a very important linchpin to our successes on-and-off the pitch, and the club has been able to perform at a continued high level with the top quality of equipment and apparel that has come to define Mizuno and Ryudben Sports. We are excited to bring not only the players, but the fans as well, the same high standards of apparel that they have come to expect with the Mizuno brand through this partnership.” said General Manager, William Phang.

Being the third year of our partnership, we are excited to be continuing our #PRIMED2022 journey with Mizuno and Ryudben Sports. To learn more about the myriad of products available through them, click here!

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