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Introducing Our Fan Engagement Partners : Canadian Pizza!

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

COVID-19 has unfortunately made gatherings difficult but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. This year, we are partnering up with everybody’s favourite Canadian Pizza as our Fan Engagement Partners, as they aim to add more fun to Tampines Rovers fixtures in various ways by involving the fans!

For one, the pizza has always been part of the average football fan’s staple diet. Fans can enjoy some mouthwatering slices after the fixtures or during the games if they were catching it at home. While eating at the stadium may prove to be difficult due to COVID-19 regulations, Canadian Pizza will be offering Tampines Rovers fans a slew of offers and promotions throughout the course of the 2022 campaign. This means you will not be missing out.

We’re kicking off the announcement with some exciting news - to add to the excitement, Tampines fans can enter code : TRCMEM22 at check-out, to receive $5 off a minimum spend of $40! We can think of no other perfect way to get your Matchday fix, as you cheer on our Stags. Order here!

The Canadian Pizza logo will be emblazoned on our jersey sleeves for the 2022 SPL campaign and we look forward to the amazing deals on your way! Remember to stay tuned to our social media posts to find out more.

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