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Grit & Determination : Tampines X Wheelchair Rugby Association (Singapore)

Our striking Tampines Rovers Match Kits are easy to spot a mile away, and you are probably familiar with some of our club partner logos on it, but have you ever noticed this little detail - just what is the logo emblazoned on our match shorts?

Well, it’s none other than that of the Wheelchair Rugby Association (Singapore), one of the club’s most valued partners off-the-pitch.

Since the start of this season, the logo has been adorned on our players as they displayed grit and determination each time they took to the field. These are two values that we have learnt while watching the Wheelchair Rugby players.

For those unfamiliar to the sport, Wheelchair Rugby is an invasion-and-evasion sport, with the goal being to carry the ball across the opposition’s try line. It is by no means an easy sport but the Wheelchair Rugby players push well beyond their limits to gain success for their teams - something that Tampines Rovers has certainly taken inspiration from (especially this season).

Ever since 2020, the club has been very active in our support, and you can sometimes even see members of Tampines staff on the hardcourt as they take part in the intense sport, swapping their football cleats for a competitive wheelchair, which, just like the boots we are familiar with, are lightweight and specialized for the sport.

Since we’ve adopted this good cause, we were proud to have made great friends in the Wheelchair Rugby players, and are glad to hear of their support in our upcoming Singapore Cup Semi-Finals games as well.

“Tampines Rovers has been a big supporter of our cause, being familiar faces around the Wheelchair Rugby players since 2020. We take a lot of heart in our cordial relationship with the club, helping each other by providing perspectives that both our Wheelchair Rugby players as well as the members of Tampines Rovers can look up to.” said Jonathan Lam, a member of the Wheelchair Rugby Association (Singapore).

“We wish them well for the Singapore Cup semi-finals and we will certainly be coming down to Our Tampines Hub to cheer them on as they look to retain their Singapore Cup title!” he added.

As we prepare for our semi-final fixture, we hence fittingly look to our Wheelchair Rugby partners for inspiration yet again. We face a real test in the form of a stubborn Balestier Khalsa team but we will push well beyond our limits to overcome the obstacles thrown our way.

We hope to do the players proud, and return the spirit that they show on the hardcourt day-in and day-out! Thank you for your support, and Come On Rovers!

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