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Sunny Tia

Goalkeeper // #40

Sunny has honed his foundations during his time at Albirex Niigata, and here at Tampines Rovers, we know he will continue to fine-tune his skills under the tutelage of our goalkeeping coach, William Phang.


The budding keeper chose to join the Stags primarily because of the strong bonds fostered between the staff and players, the club's emphasis on youth development and the opportunity to really push himself to the next level.

He has shown a lot of promise as a custodian and we welcome the 17-year old goalkeeper into our ranks, and into the Stags family!

Hobbies :

Cooking, Watching Movies.

Footballing Heroes :

Roman Bürki, Mitchell Langerak, Hassan Sunny.

Team To Play In FIFA :

Liverpool & Arsenal.

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