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Shameer Aziq

Defender // #11

"Tampines will always be a special club for me as they were the club I joined after being in the Young Lions for 4 years. They took me in and trusted me, and I am forever grateful for that." said the feisty right-back as he rejoins the Stags after spending the 2018 season with us.


Taking no time to show his skill, Shameer scored a brilliant header during our pre-season friendly against Geylang International, and we are excited to see him in Tampines colours again this year.

Hobbies :

Playing on my Playstation, but I try to be active whenever I can. I play other sports, such as Sepak Takraw and Beach Foot-volleyball, both similar to football, so I enjoy them a lot!

Footballing Heroes :

Steven Gerrard! Seeing him single-handedly

deciding games was mind-blowing to me

while I was growing up.

Team To Play In FIFA :

Liverpool, but this year, because of Messi, Neymar and Mbappe up front, you'd have a better chance to beat your friends playing PSG!

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